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Deer Me


We are back with another Wool Wolf creator interview featuring Sheryl Schopfer sharing her thoughts on making a slice-of-life comic.

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Tara– a former Theravadan Buddhist nun– looks to find purpose as a mercenary in a spinning world.


A cat and a lamp caught in darkness team up to find the sun, and other answers about this strange world.


Critter Coven is a comic about real life witches... who just happen to be animals.

Kitov Sige has always wanted to travel the world and go on an adventure like the ones he's read in books.

Deer Me focuses on a trio of roommates and the hassles that they lovingly cause each other.

Meryl finds herself cast into the afterlife due to what essentially was an unfortunate clerical error.

The Gods of Tellurius have fallen and now five white-haired men are repairing a broken world.


Cat, Dawn, and Ronnie are attending college in the heart of Utah Valley and Mormon culture.

 When Black Magic threatens to corrupt an entire planet, the Rebels must rise to face the most terrifying fight of their lives.


Rended is the story of a boy trying to find himself and a man trying to lose himself in the chaos of a dying world.


A teenager becomes a sudden host of a terrifying demon that eats whoever they speak to.


Sharpclaw is a fantasy comic featuring fairy tales and furry tails.

Roswell is on a journey to discover where she comes from, where she belongs, and why so much of her life feels so out of her own control.

Transyltown is the adventure of Timmy Tepes, a young and shy vampire boy, and his best friend the monster hunter Alicia Timberland.

River's Crossing is a relatively normal college town. It also happens to sit on a magical hotspot that attracts all manner of monster and supernatural creatures.

Underworld Nightmares revolves around a demon named Raige who is boldly determined to take over the Underworld.

Ivy is a normal law student, living a not-so-normal world where monsters live among humans.

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