Creator Interview: Daniel Sherman

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The Full Moon is here, so our featured comic is changing! This moon’s comic is UNDERWORLD NIGHTMARES by Daniel Sherman. Underworld Nightmares is a comic that, in three arcs,shows three heroes trying to prevent a demon from becoming the King of Hell. Parts of the story were inspired by Daniel Sherman's real-world experience to give a very human touch to this supernatural story.

“Escape and good versus evil sort of go hand in hand on this but each protagonist deals with their own escape of sorts. “

Can you tell us a little bit about your comic, “Underworld Nightmares?” What is its premise, its characters and themes?

DS: Underworld Nightmares is a comic about a power hungry demon trying to take over and become the King of the Underworld, however in doing so she screws up and involves a human, so it's up to that human and a few others to stop her. The story spans 3 arcs and each arc follows a different protagonist, though we still see the old protagonist and characters from the previous arcs in each new one. 

 Themes include love, escape, and definitely good versus evil. There's a lot of relationships explored in the comic, varying from platonic to romantic to sexual. And not to give too much away but this involves a polyamorous relationship. Escape and good versus evil sort of go hand in hand on this but each protagonist deals with their own escape of sorts.

How do you feel your comic represents your voice and reflects your experiences?

DS: Well for one, Rya started as a sort of a self-insert character. She very much took on my troubled times when I was a teenager. As time went on she developed to be something more than that. However the relationship between her and Raige still slightly mirrors an abusive relationship I experienced. I know this will be uncomfortable to to some readers but I hope that it empowers people in rough spots to escape their situation. As for my voice in general, I just feel like the characters good positive attitude towards friends, relationships (of all kinds) is represented.

Why did you decide to make a webcomic? Why this format?

DS:  Originally I planned for UN to be a written story. However as time went on I realized, I'm not that great at novel writing. I am decent at character dialogue and the basic storyline, but I wasn't so great at writing in the details. So after seeing VexinglyYours express the fact that they wanted to turn Forgotten Roots into a comic, I started to consider the same thing. Eventually, that's exactly what I did. I always imagined things more in a comic or cartoon format anyway, so it really just fit! As for doing it as a webcomic specifically, I just love webcomics. I've been reading them for ten or more years now, I love watching artists styles grow and improve, I just really wanted to be a part of that!

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about making a webcomic? What would you say others can learn from your experiences?

DS:  I would say just jump in and do it. Even if your art and story isn't perfect to you, it probably never ever will be. I understand there being projects that you'll want to wait on till you're a bit more skilled, but just jump in and do SOMETHING. It's the best way to learn! However I'd say others can learn from my experience by maybe doing a little more research than I did. I know things like paneling and word balloons are not my strong suits and could use more work! I feel like if I'd done more research, I'd have started off a bit stronger there.

Do you have any hopes for the webcomic community?

DS:  Definitely! I'd love to see people coming together to discuss not only UN but all the comics in Wool Wolf. And not gonna lie, I want to see people ship my characters and create crazy AUs. I just really want to see people having fun and enjoying themselves.

You can find Daniel Sherman's work on Tumblr and Twitter!

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